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”Evening after evening, since 1919, handmade strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna have set the standard for leading soloists and orchestras around the world.

We are proud to be the principal sponsor of the ESTA 2018 Conference in Malta. We wish every participant the joy of music at its finest!”

In the world of string manufacturers, Thomastik-Infeld Vienna, established 1919 by Dr. Franz Thomastik and engineer Otto Infeld, holds a position of exceptional importance. Amongst professional and amateur musicians and guitarists it is en vogue to string their instruments with Thomastik-Infeld products.

The invention of the steel string caused a revolution in the music world. Suddenly the conventional gut string was challenged by a new string with the highest quality of tone, precision and reliability. It was received enthusiastically by artists across the world. The founders’ spirit of innovation was the impetus of another brilliant invention: the Dominant string – the reference standard of synthetic core strings and probably, up to now, the most played violin string around the globe.

Located in the center of the city of music - Vienna, Austria - Thomastik-Infeld manufactures a vast variety of musical instruments strings for bowed and fretted instruments. All strings are handmade and 97% of them are exported to more than 90 countries worldwide. A continuous aspiration for innovation allows us to meet the latest requirements of the musicians’ needs. Thus, a large number of renowned orchestras and soloists around the globe rely on the unparalleled quality and the unique sound of our strings.