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ESTA 2018 Conference Sponsors

ESTA would like to thank all its sponsors for their generous contribution and support.


Principal Sponsor


In the world of string manufacturers, Thomastik-Infeld Vienna, established 1919 by Dr. Franz Thomastik and engineer Otto Infeld, holds a position of exceptional importance. Amongst professional and amateur musicians and guitarists it is en vogue to string their instruments with Thomastik-Infeld products.

Located in the center of the city of music - Vienna, Austria - Thomastik-Infeld manufactures a vast variety of musical instruments strings for bowed and fretted instruments. All strings are handmade and 97% of them are exported to more than 90 countries worldwide. A continuous aspiration for innovation allows us to meet the latest requirements of the musicians’ needs. Thus, a large number of renowned orchestras and soloists around the globe rely on the unparalleled quality and the unique sound of our strings.





Pirastro is proud to sponsor the ESTA conference in Malta. The exchange of ideas and new ways to further develop string teaching and associated sectors is key to helping children enjoy learning any string instrument. We hope that the spirit of not only the oldest but one of the most famed universities in the English-speaking world will stimulate the entire conference!




D'Addario will be displaying a selection of our Orchestral strings and accessories, as well as sampling players and teachers with our latest products and inviting them to share their feedback.

D'Addario & Company, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories, featuring such Orchestral brands such as Kaplan, Zyex, Pro-Arte, Helicore, and Prelude. A family-owned and operated business with roots dating back to the 17th century and 1,100 employees worldwide, the company manufactures 95% of its products in the United States.




WARCHAL Strings utilize the experience of two generations of professional violinists. Our high quality strings are created using state-of-the-art technology. We use the latest materials and you can now benefit from the advanced formulations that we have developed. Warchal Strings has also introduced several unique new ideas such as our recycling program for used strings and our new helix violin E strings. We continually invest in product research and development and are committed to providing players with exceptional quality. Designed for you using our heads and with all our hearts.



Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

For half a century, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra has been Malta’s leading musical ensemble.

The orchestra was founded in April 1968, when musicians from the defunct “C-in-C” orchestra of the Malta-based British Mediterranean Fleet regrouped as the Manoel Theatre Orchestra. It continued to serve as the theatre’s resident orchestra until September 1997, when it became an independent orchestra, taking up the name National Orchestra of Malta in the process.The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra assumed its present name in 2008, when it was expanded into a full-size symphony orchestra bringing together the best of Maltese talent and musicians from Europe and beyond.